Exciting new stuff!

2014-09-06 21:19:43 by SkyrisDesign

Hello Everyone! Sorry, I haven't posted anything in a while. I just wanted to give everyone a little update. Things are really turning around for me and I am quite excited for the next couple of months. I'm getting my hands on a few awesome projects so I am pretty occupied with that right now.  Also, some friends and I are working on this new collaboration and I can't wait to show everyone (CHS)! So hang in there, new exciting stuff coming soon!~ I hope everyone will support us!

Visit my Facebook!

2014-08-02 19:59:54 by SkyrisDesign


Hope everyone is doing great! I recently started my own FB. I hope everyone could join me. I'll be posting regularly!https://www.facebook.com/SkyrisDesign

Art Camp with Noah Bradly!

2014-05-22 03:03:30 by SkyrisDesign

It is finally summer time so that means more time to draw. Yay! So some friends and I are going to take Noah Bradly's Art Camp for three months. The assignments are so time consuming but we are very excited never the less. Make sure to check up on me as I will be posting my progress throughout the art camp. Wish me luck! :D

New project incoming!

2014-03-21 18:43:08 by SkyrisDesign

Starting a new project! I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I finally found the time to start working on it. My plan is to upload it every two weeks. Stay tuned!


2013-11-21 05:55:36 by SkyrisDesign

Sorry for disappearing for so long! Ever since I left for my vacation back in August, I've been burying myself with books and stuff trying to learn basic fundamentals. Sadly its nothing good enough for me to post on Newgrounds. :C But don't worry I'm starting a new piece and I'll try to finish it soon! Hope my training pays off!

Thank you Jazza!

2013-08-14 05:15:52 by SkyrisDesign

Can't believe I got featured twice in Jazza's Artist Showcase (18 & 21)! Seriously my biggest accomplishment since i started drawing. Thank you so much, this is such a great motivation boost. I'm so thrilled and so honored to be featured! Once again thank you so much! I will make sure to post more and more!


2013-08-11 23:19:19 by SkyrisDesign

I'm currently on a vacation with my family for a whole month! This is a good time to work on the fundamentals. So I won't be posting for a while but I cant wait when I can start working again!

Deviant Art

2013-06-21 07:21:52 by SkyrisDesign

If you are interested come and check out my other stuff! http://ohtooeasy.deviantart.com/